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Building a Sacred Community

Central Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church offers residents in the greater Hilton Head Island area the chance to come together and worship with like-minded congregants as members of a strong, loving community. Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, a way to give back,  or simply want to connect with the Divine, Central Oak Grove Baptist Church welcomes you. Join our community, and start your journey to spiritual enlightenment with us!

The Little Church With A Big Heart



Greetings from the Servants and Worshippers of the Lord at Central Oak Grove Baptist Church!

Join us as we celebrate the many Promises of God in 2022! His Promises are sure to keep us hopeful and faithful, as we press our way thru trials and struggles of life.

We began the year celebrating the Promise of Strength from the Lord…that enables us to Run and not be weary and Walk and not Faint as we Wait on Him.

This month we celebrate and embrace the Promise of Joy from the Lord. We choose God’s joy, because we know that HIS Joy is Transcendent, Overflowing and Eternal!   

Remember the awesome words of Joshua in Joshua 24:15: CHOOSE ye this day, whom ye will serve! Declare with us, as Joshua did. “We will Serve the LORD!” When we choose the Lord, we also choose the JOY that he gives.

We thank God each day for this Promised blessing that sustains, strengthens and keeps us secure in the knowledge that He is on our side!

I pray that you will experience the Joy of the Lord, each and every day!

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“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” 

Proverbs 19:17

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